Implement async “fire and forget” HTTP triggers in azure functions

Inspired by "implement async “fire and forget” HTTP triggers in azure functions" (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38123887/can-i-implement-async-fire-and-forget-http-triggers-in-azure-functions), I've created 2 Azure Functions

  1. Http Trigger function with queue message output
  2. Queue Trigger function.
They were created using VS 2017 Template and not from de Azure Portal.

Basically you fire the task doing a request to the first Azure Function. This Function leaves a message in a queue and the response the request. So your app continues to run normally (fire and forget).
Then, there is another Function that proccess that message. Hereinafter, you can check / notify the result however you want.

Source code in my github repo: https://github.com/vackup/QueueAzureFunctionApp

More info at: