XNA 3 Pacman ported to Silverlight using ExEn preview 1

This is a test of how easy is to port your existing XNA games to Silverlight (and other platforms) using ExEn preview 1 thanks to the great work of Andrew Russell

For this test I use the work of Dr_Asik and his XNA Pacman, one of the best Pacman clone out there. You can download XNA Pacman source from his website.

For the port, first I had to converted it to Xna 4 (some minor changes) and then drop .cs files to Andrew's EnEx Silverlight BlankGame project (actually I used CatGirl project because it was already working).

Things that didnt work were related to (i didnt take the time to make it work :):
  1. sound management
  2. high scores reading and writing
Controls (for the moment):
  1. Menu: keyboard up / down keys and Enter
  2. Game: keyboard cursor keys (up / down / left / right)
For a better gameplay and visualization experiencie, please visit: http://www.mylittlebets.com/ExEnPacman/TestPage.html

Get Microsoft Silverlight 

Greetings from Argentina
PS: Sorry about awful English!

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  1. Hey, this is Dr_Asik. Nice job! I'm surprised it runs so well, considering it uses an update rate of 1000/second.

    The only problems seem to be the lack of sounds, the fonts and also the speed of the various entities are a little bit off, for some reason.

    I really should re-do this correctly one day, it was a nice try back in 2008 but I could do way better today.