From my notebook HDD to Image (external HDD) to SDD

The other I bought a SDD Kingston Digital 240GB from Amazon to upgrade my old i3 notebook (By the way, I also bought some RAM)

The main problem was how to copy all my Windows, Programs and personal data to my new SDD without plugging both of them to my notebook (only one internal SATA adapter and no cradle)

Searching the web and after trying Clonezilla without any good result, I found this article about "Backing up your entire drive - Cloning vs. imaging" and about this excelent software called Macrium Reflect Free (with Windows 10 support)

I can't tell you how easy and intuitive the proccess was!!! This software is free an extremely awesome

You'll need:

  1. USB pendrive to create a boot recovery and to restore you image to your new SDD
  2. External HDD to copy your HDD "backup" image.

The basics steps to clone your notebook HDD to Image (external HDD) to SDD are:

  1. Shrink you Windows and data Partition to fit your new SDD (if you need to move some data to other drive, just do it) using the free EaseUS Partition Master (or similar)
  2. Download Macrium Reflect Free and install it
  3. Create the USB recovery boot. 
  4. Open Macrium Reflect Free and select "Create an image of partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows". 
  5. Once the image creation process ends, turn off your notebook and replace the old HDD with your new SDD
  6. Boot your notebook with the USB
  7. Restore your partitions from you image to your SDD
  8. Enjoy!
That's all!
Enjoy your new and faster notebook

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