hypstr: customize yourself - my new Xamarin Monotouch app for iPhone / iPad

I'm so proud to introduce you my new app called hypstr! Here you can find what hypstr is, where hypstr cames from, its features and what techonologies I used during the development. Download it now for free from iTunes http://bit.ly/19OVmtq

What's hypstr?

Hypstr is the iOS app that let’s you customize your digital life to the fullest, letting you download great designer wallpapers, made exclusively so you can personalize your iPhone, iPad & Facebook cover photo.

Download it now for free from iTunes http://bit.ly/19OVmtq

Where Hypstr cames from?

Hypstr cames from hipster. Hipster refers to a subculture of young, urban middle-class adults and older teenagers that appeared in the 1990s. The subculture is associated with independent music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, progressive or independent political views, alternative spirituality or atheism/agnosticism, and alternative lifestyles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hipster_(contemporary_subculture)). And this is what we are, we are hipsters! We love art, music, technologie, fashion and uniqueness


  • Free to download with access to a selection of 200+ frequently updated wallpapers.
  • Wide range of collections. With more than 12+ initial wallpaper collections, including: Abstract, Days of the Week, World Flags, Letter Initials, Famous Beaches, etc., there's something for everyone!
  • Unique designer wallpapers, with versions for iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, & Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ cover photos. This way you can enjoy a matching set of wallpapers for all your digital outlets.
  • Easy-to-see collections, with carrousel style previews to rapidly find the wallpaper you love without any hassle!
  • Professionally-designed wallpapers, that match every screen resolution for all the iOS devices to date, so you get sharp quality wallpapers that render amazingly in every device.
  • High-resolution images for each device: 2048x2048 (iPad with Retina display), 1136x640 (iPhone 5 & iPod touch 5th gen) & 640x960 ( iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 4th gen) and 1024x1024 (iPad/iPad2, iPad mini) and 320x480 images for other displays (iPhone/3G/3GS, iPod touch (1st,2nd,3rd gen).
  • Every wallpaper comes with a version for each device, and social media cover photo.
  • Recieve a matching home screen wallpaper with each lock screen wallpaper (only with participating wallpapers).
  • Bilingual Wallpapers. Find some collections in both English & Spanish. More languages coming soon!
  • hypstr-preview, let's you instantly preview both the lock screen (with time & lock bar) and the home screen (with icons) from within the app, as well as the Facebook cover photo.
  • Wallpapers save & store automatically to your device's Camera Roll, for easy customization.
  • Frequently updated - new collections added all the time!
  • Share wallpapers with your friends right from the app! With our embedded Facebook, Twitter, and Email share options from the app, you can easily tell your friends & family to get the app or even show them some cool wallpapers you're probably crazy about!
  • Guest artists collections - coming soon! 

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