Upload file from URL to Google Drive, the safely way using IFTTT

Today I was trying to save some  PDF documents to my Google Drive (gDrive) that were uploaded to a website but I didn't want to download them to my computer and then upload them to my gDrive, I wanted to upload them from their URLs. So I searched the Internet but no solutions seemed to solve my problem safely.

I started to think what could I do and IFTTT, a great service, came to my mind.

For those who don't know IFTTT, IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement:

Recipes are a combination of a Trigger and an Action from your active Channels. Basically you "put the internet to work for you". For more information please visit https://ifttt.com/wtf

Going back to how to "Upload file from URL to Google Drive (gDrive)", I'm going to create an IFTTT recipe to do the trick. Just click the CREATE button.

First, you have to select what is going to Trigger the Recipe, I mean, what event has to happen.

Click on THIS and select the "Date & Time" icon. 

The "Date & Time" trigger lets us to specify a date when the recipe should be fired. In this case, we are going to select the "Every day at"

Now, just select the time you want the recipe to be fired (if you want to download now the file, just select any time in the next minutes)

Now that we have selected the Trigger of the recipe, we have to select the Action that this recipe should do. To do this, just click on THAT.

As we did with the Trigger, just find and select the "Google Drive" icon

The "Google Drive" action lets us to execute some command on Google Drive. In this case, we are going to select the "Upload file from URL" action.

Now, just enter the URL of the file you want to download and click CREATE ACTION

Here is a resume of the recipe you have just created. Just give it a description and click on CREATE RECIPE to definitely create the recipe

That's all, here you have a recipe to save a file from a URL to Google Drive. Once you file is downloaded, you can disable or delete the recipe to avoid the file been downloaded every day :)

Laziness is the mother of invention and IFTTT is an easy and free way to put the internet to work for you. 

Just leave me a comment to tell me what do you think about this post an IFTTT.

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