Epidemic, my new "work in progress" game prototype

Inpired by Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3 - The Original and the movie Contagion, I decided to start developing a game prototype using Unity3d

My game should answer some of these questions (in a funny and challenging way):
  1. How long does it takes to the infection to spread?
  2. What are you going to do to save the not infected humans?
  3. How will they react?
Take into account that you'll only have limited resources, so live or die, make your choice

I don't know how this prototype will end but I'm just starting to develop it (also starting to learn Unity :)

Up to date, I only have a bunch of human running, some are infected and some are not infected. I have a few rules already implemented:
  1. When an infected one "touch" a not infected one, it infect him
  2. The infected ones walk slower the the not infected ones.
  3. An infected human dies some second after have been infected.
  4. With a Mouse click you can "fire" bombs that can kill humans (infected and not infected humans)
Also there are some rules to be implemented, for example:
  1. A not infected human can live some time without food
You can take a look at the last version of the prototype here http://bit.ly/1beCGTg

If you any idea or feedback, don't hesitate in contect me.

NOTE: some models were taken from Stealth Unity Tutorial just for prototyping purpose

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