Unity3d Radar script

I was looking for a way to make a radar or minimap in Unity3d but not adding other camara, just a square and some dots inside representing my game objects. 

I found someone who needed the same as I (http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/62018/how-to-make-a-radarmap.html). I took the Justin's Zaun radar script from the Unity wiki because it's easy to use and is customizable. You can show up to 4 kinds of objects on the radar but it would be easy to add more blip types.

Here is the result, just what I need

Script and Usage Instructions

Attach this wherever you like, I recommend you attach it where the rest of your GUI is. Once attached take a look at the inspector for the object. You are going to see a bunch of options to setup. I've tried to give a set of defaults that will work with little messing around.

The first item that should be set is the "Radar Center Tag" for anything of interesting to happen. This tag should be the object at the center of the radar, typically this is the local player's object. Place a check in the "Radar Center Active" box to diplay the play on the radar.

The second item that should be set is the "Radar Blip1 Tag." This is the tag given to the objects you want to show on the radar. Typically this would be the remote player's tag or the bad guy's tag.

To turn on the display of the blip place a check in the "Radar Blip1 Active" box.

If you run your game at this point you will see a radar in the bottom center of your screen that is showing you all the remote players/bad guys that are around you.

Now that you have seen a quick example of the radar I'll explain all the options. There looks like a lot but they are split into two sections. At the top are general radar settings that determin how you would like the radar to look. On the bottom there are settings for the blips

I'll explain the blips first. This radar supports up to 4 types of blips. Each blip has an "Radar Blip# Active" option for turning on or off the blip. This allows you to have everything setup and then in game based on events to turn on the display of different types on blips.

The second options is the "Radar Blip# Color" setting. This is the color of the blip. Not hard to explain, it changed the color of the object's blips for a given Tag. The last option for a blip is "Radar Blip# Tag." This is the tag for the object you would like to have on the radar.

Some examples would be using Blip1 for bad guys, Blip2 for items the play is trying to find, Blip3 for forts and Blip4 could be the level's exits. Having the items on the radar in differnt colors will let the player identify the type of object the blip represents.

The top options are the overall settings. First is the location of the radar. There are several options to choose from. If you choose "Custom" you have to fill in the "Radar Location Custom" to define the location. When you are defining the location please note this is the center of the radar.

The third option "Radar Type" is how you would like your radar to look. You have a choice of Textured, Round and Transparent. The default is Round and is the colored bullseye you saw at the start if you played with the first example. If you choose Textured you MUST set "Radar Texture" to some image for the background. If you choose Round you can change the colors used in the bullseye with "Radar BackroundA" and "Radar BackgroundB"

The last two options are about the size and zoom of the radar. The "Radar Size" is a percent of the screen the radar will take up, for example .2 is 20% of the screen. The "Radar Zoom" determines how much of the map should be displayed on the radar. Making this number smaller will zoom out and show you more stuff.

Get the script from https://gist.github.com/vackup/7715805 

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