Epidemic: some IA, a bot that follows one person

I'm trying to make things a little bit fun, so I added some IA to the enemies (sort of)

IA can be extremely difficult but as I'm prototyping and I'm just trying some features, I searched the Internet for already done scripts / components. I found a free and excelent component called "A* Pathfinding Project". By the mouth of the creator "Lightning fast pathfinding for Unity3D. Whether you write a TD, RTS, FPS or RPG game, this package is for you. With heavily optimized algorithms and a large feature set but yet simple to use, you will be able to make those bots a bit smarter in no time.". For those who don't know what is "A* Pathfinding", you can visit wikipedia as always

In this case, I followed the penalties example. Basically it's a robot that follow one point. As I was trying the infected to follow the not infected, this was great!!!

So in this new version you will find:

  1. Infection fixed: now the not infected are infected (thanks Pablo Ferro!!)
  2. Added an "inteligent" robot that picks one not infected randomly and follows it. When the not infected becomes infected, then it picks another not infected to follow. If everyone is infected, it will stop following people :)
Plans for the future:
  1. Add the robot IA to the infected so they can follow the not infected.
  2. The infected will be able to pick a not infected not randombly but using their vision. This will be done following one of the Unity tutorial about "Enemy Sight"

Check the prototype here:

Hope you enjoy it! Drop me a line with your feedback

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Greetings from Argentina,

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