Epidemic: human IA walking around

Ey you! It's me again adding more and more IA to my game characters.

In the last version, the infected became more intelligent, they were able to pick a human (not infected) using their vision.

Now is the turn of the human to become intelligent. Now they walk around choosing randomly where to go. Actually they randomly pick one "point" in a list of points and walk to that point and they arrive to that point, they choose other point. The idea is that human can walk from bus stops to shops to house and so on.

Here you can see the implementation: https://db.tt/bWvlxKPI

Plans for the future:

  1. When the humans (not infected) see an infected, they will try to evade it / run away.
  2. The infected will be patrolling / walking around when they are not following anyone.
Hope you enjoy it! Drop me a line with your feedback

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Greetings from Argentina,

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