Learning GraphQL using NodeJS

Motivation and background

Trying to learn GraphQL (https://graphql.org/) I found the "Code Challenge for Scoutbase" (https://medium.com/scoutbase/we-are-hiring-javascript-developers-e7833762a40d).

The drawback of the challenge was that I've never done a nodejs app but as I knew JS and I have many many years of experience building web apps (mainly .net) and I love to learn new thing, I decided to go for it!

So I went from nothing (0) using NodeJs, GraphQL, Sequelize, PostgreSQL to this in just a couple of hours.

Here you have the code (it's an MVP or a prototype) and the code challenge description

The app is deployed to Azure through Azure pipelines.

The app is using an Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

You can access the Graphql playground here https://scoutbase-code-challenge-backend.azurewebsites.net/graphql

Helpful links

Back-end task of Code Challenge for Scoutbase

This task is for demonstrating your understanding of HTTP, GraphQL, Node.js and general API practices.


  1. Implement a Node.js-based server with raw http, Koa or Express.
  2. Add a /graphql endpoint serving the apollo-server or any other GraphQL implementation.
  3. Schema must be able to return proper response for the following public query:
    • { movies { title year rating actors { name birthday country directors { name birthday country } } } }
  4. Add support for the following mutation:
    • mutation createUser($username: String, $password: String) { createUser(username: $username, password: $password) { token user { id name } } }
  5. To expand on the number four, add a mutation-based authentication that accepts:
    • mutation login($username: String, $password: String) { login(username: $username, password: $password) { token user { id name } } }
  6. Authenticated users may request additional fields for the query used earlier. New scoutbase_rating field must return the a random string between 5.0-9.0:
    • { movies { scoutbase_rating title year rating actors { name birthday country directors { name birthday country } } } }
  7. /graphql must be accessible for external clients.
  8. End.

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